Mère un jour, Mère toujours

Today it is just not about mothers day celebration or abt the cake or food... It's the meaning behind it and describing abt mom in a few paragraphs in a blog can't possibly explain why this day means so much to us and why we absolutely love to spend every little time we hv with her... I wish I could find three words to describe Mom, but three are never enough for that... Loving, caring, funny, heart of gold, beautiful, generous etc etc etc... See, I could go on and on and on...

I guess my mom is very much like yours.... Comforting, simple and sometimes complex... she can be a pain at time but hey ... thats who she is... so mom... HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO U... we appreciate what u hv taught us.. the way u guide us... the way u look after us when we were young... the way u instill gd values in us... Thank you Mom for all the things you say and do. All the love and forgiveness. Happy Mother's Day.. Muttertag.. Selamat hari Ibu to all of you reading this and being celebrated this Sunday!

Mom with lyn and 3 of her grandkiddoes

Introducing my 2nd sista, Wati and co!

Hairi and Yayan..

Home delivered especially for mom!

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