Land of smiles...

Guess what? we're in the land of smiles... its been a year since the last time i get to fly to Bangkok... we used to fly here like 4 times a year... we once drove fm Singapore to Bangkok with 15 other cars when i was 7 months preggie.. was a gd experience and we love it!.. hmmm come to think of it... maybe thats why Sonia is great when it comes to road trips...

Anyway i will be blogging fm bkk so no baking till next wk but i will definitely try out different cakes fm different bakeries and cafes around here... for a start... look at this marble chocolate cake that i bought fm one of the bakery shop here in MBK... oh gosh... when will i ever get to bake something like this... err dont get me wrong... i think i can bake pretty well... its just that when u eat a slice of cake that taste like Sara Lee cakes u just cant help but to wonder... what on earth did they use to get that rich, super moist, buttery flavour that is so so yummy! and oh their butter cake... wowweee.. the best part it only cost me like 10 baht a slice!! heheh I LIKEEEE... cake fm Simply Delicious, S&P Restaurant & Bakery

She slept thru on our way to Bkk... good girl!! hehhe

Nice?? i hv lots of reason to "test" these cupcakes tmrw... muuuaahhhhaaahaha eh eh i am on hols so its ok to gain a few kg... eh nooo... gramssssss:op

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