Lazy weekend...

I sometimes hate long weekend...its like when i am at home i cant sit still... i wud do all sort of things... housework, cleaning, cooking and more cooking, baking etc etc.. by the end of the day i'm poofff... and what happened when i'm poofff... everyone in this house get a little bit of my "pooofff" attitude! sorry dear hb... i know i can be a pain at times but again dont we all? hahahahaaa

The weather here has been so so so hot lately... which explained the "popularity" of my jelly :op... not in the mood to go anywhere... its always the same thing here in Singapore when the weather gets too hot... u ended up going fm one shopping mall to another... not that i dont enjoy shopping... i do but .. if u keep on doing that all the time u'll get sick of it... so anyway... i didnt bake anything yesterday cos we were out half of the day and by the time we got back all i wanna do is to just chill... watch a bit of telly and thats it... hmmm Borders is giving 25% off on all books... maybe tonight i shud head down to town to go and get my long awaited book...

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