Whats with the Havanna thingy?? well i am trying to figure out what to do with all these before it expire... unlike any other munchies Havanna foodies doesnt hv a long shelf life.. so again back to my question... whats with Havanna... where did it come fm... where on earth can we find them?

Havanna is arguably one of the most popular alfajor vendors in Argentina. These alfajores is a light round cookies, filled with dulce de leche, fruit preserve, or nut cream...if u do go there look for Havanna cafe.. oh and cafe like Starbucks is non existance there.. plus for a coffee junkie ppl like us.. we know what real coffee taste like!

HB has a supplier fm Argentina who comes to singapore a few times a year and we always received lots fm him and that includes this super sweet treat.. he wud normally gv us like 4 to 6 boxes and a few jar of dulce de leche at one go... so u can imagine how many of those sucker is in my fridge right now!

This month end a few of hb staff is flying to Argentina for 2wks... i missed that place... its different... totally different fm all the other country that we hv visited... love the country, love the ppl, love the weather, love the shopping and most of all love the exchange rates! their leather stuff is to die for and whats best they are dirt cheap! oppsss one last thing why we wud love to visit BA again was because hb has an uncle who lives there ... so a visit to Buenos Aires again has always been on our list... hmmm well definately not looking forward to the 32 odd hrs plane ride but hey we survived the last time...

So ok i will post a few pics taken during our trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina... i get to visit lots of touristy places there n had a personal tour guide to show me around while hb went to work/meetings...hehehe oh well.. u work i shop ok :op

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