Chendol Pudding

Who doesnt love chendol drink ey... so far i hv not tasted any good chendol drink here in Singapore... well u used to be able to get a good one in Tekka market tho...

The best chendol drink that we hv tasted so far is in Malacca and KL ..the ingredients they use are fresh and very consistant... surprisingly the famous Penang road chendol doesnt even taste as good as in Malacca..maybe at that time it could be due to factors such as weather and my thirst the time I eat it... well to each is it own.. hmmmm maybe u guys can let me know where to get an authentic one here in Singapore?

Okie dokie... heres what i did today... and since i am unable to go to Malacca and hv to wait till next month bef we head up to KL... i settled for chendol pudding instead hehehe... its sweet... its rich... its my kinda desert!


Chendol layer
500ml water
180g sugar
300ml thick coconut milk
10g jelly powder
500g chendol (i only use a packet (300g) since thats all i hv in my fridge)
pinch of salt

Brown sugar layer
500ml water
200g brown sugar
300ml thick coconut milk
10g jelly powder
1 egg yolk
pinch of salt

1. Boil water, jelly powder and sugar till boil
2. Add coconut and salt.. let it simmer for a few mins
3. Add chendol and switch off fire.
4. Pour mixture in desire mould... remember to always wet ur mould first before pouring jelly mixture.
5. Let it set...

Top Layer
1. Boil brown sugar and a little water fm the 500ml of water. Cook till sugar dissolved.. strain mixture
2. Add the remaining water to sugar mixture and add jelly powder to it. Bring to boil.
3. Mix egg yolk with coconut milk and stir a little.
4. Pour coconut milk mixture to jelly mixture and let it boil a little
5. Once cook... pour it over chendol jelly and let it cool... chill it for a few hours before serve.

Note: Poke holes all around chendol jelly once set with a fork before pouring top layer.

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