Apam Eno

I'm not a big fan of preparing tradisional kuih... lets just say... its not my cup of tea... whenever i feel like making one i will make sure i study the recipe so as to get everything right.. sometimes my kuih will turn out good... sometimes its a disaster hahha...

My 2nd attempt preparing this kuih... first time it turned out hard and didnt crack at all... this time round my apam decided to gv me a smile... hehehe..

300g rice flour
8-10 tbsp sugar
1 tbsp yeast
280-300ml water
3 tsp eno for 3 different colour
red, yellow and green colouring

pinch of salt
Red sugar/ brown sugar

1. Add water bit by bit to flour till well combined... add yeast and let it rest overnight or if ur doing it during the day u can let it rest for 7hrs.
2. Divide batter into 3 portion.. adding colour to different portion.
3. Add 1tsp eno to each portion and stir till it bubbles (make sure u add eno just bef ur abt to steam batter)
4. Place ur apam mould in steamer (make sure ur water is bubbling) and heat it up for 5 mins. Pour batter into each mould and steam it for a gd 5 - 7 mins... depending on how big ur mould is...
5. Serve with coconut and red sugar

Note: Make sure u use high fire while steaming... batter shud be fill up to the top... steam coconut with a pinch of salt for best result...

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