Steam Fruit Cake (Cake Kukus)

A few years ago i didnt think that i wud even wanna attempt baking this kind of rich fruit cake. I've always felt that this is one fussy cake to bake.. over mixing ur batter will gv u a hard dry cake... but after 1 or 2 trial i got used to baking it that we ended up having it once a month.

My dear hb can be pretty fussy when it comes to cake... and when i said fussy.. i dont mean fussy fussy... well he will tell me if what i bake is to die for or not... i dont mind actually as it makes me wanna keep on trying.. well this rich steam fruit cake is his top fav... his malay caregiver always bake it for his family when he was younger and hence knows the texture/taste of this cake... I hv been using this recipe for the past yr simply cos i had good feedback fm ppl that hv tasted it.. its moist and delish... tks Diana for the wonderful recipe!

600g all purpose flour
300g castor sugar
5 grade A eggs - (GRADE B - 8 eggs)
625g Golden Churn/ SCS butter
500g mix fruits
2tsp bicarbonate of soda
1 1/2tsp cream of tartar (can omit if u want)
1tsp vanilla extract
1tsp sarsaparilla liquid brown
2 cups of sugar for cooking
Aluminium foil

1. Boil water in ur steamer pot. Mix a little of flour fm 600g to ur mix fruits. Its important for u to mix a little flour to ur mix fruit so as to prevent ur fruits fm sinking during steaming process.
2. Sieve Flour, bicarbonate of soda and cream of tartar.
3. Beat butter and sugar till light n fluffy. Add vanilla and sarsaparilla brown liquid.
4. Add in egg one at a time using hand beater.. DO NOT over beat ur eggs or cake will be too dry.. just enough till eggs incorporated with butter mixture .
5. Add flour mixture using rubber spatula till well blended
6. Using non stick pan cook 2 cups of sugar till it changes to dark brown colour. Add the sugar mixture to ur batter and mix it quickly with a wooden spatula (u hv to do this step quickly as sugar gets harden when it cools down)
7. Lastly add mix fruit .. remember not to over mix it..
8. Pour batter into a greased pan...
9. Wrap the top of ur pan with aluminium foil tightly
10. Steam it for 4hrs... (add hot water to ur steam pot every hr)


Atul said...

K.rima .. Kalau xde sarsaparila liquid brown.. Nak ganti dgn apa ye?

Rima said...

u can omit that.. no harm done..

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