Sago Pearl Custard Pudding

Muaaahhhahahahah ....this is what i came up with.. my creation! who's ur mama?? hehehe.. the jelly taste yummy of cos! and the best part there is no wastage... my boy loves it... my girl loves it... clap clap clap.. sago pearl pudding recipe is fm Gert.. hers has 250ml of coconut milk which u can add after step 2

Sago Pearl Pudding
20g jelly powder
1000ml water
300g sugar
3 pandan leaves
100g sago (soaked 2hrs)
a few drops of green, red and purple colouring

1) Cook sago until transparent and rinse under cold water. Divide sago into 6 portions. Add purple, red and green coloring into each portion. The other 3 portions remain white.
2) Boil agar-agar powder with water, pandan leaves and sugar. Bring to boil and turn heat to very low flame.
3) Take 200ml of the agar agar mixture and add in one portion of the white sago. Stir well.
4) Pour into a 8" wet baking pan or mould. Let it coagulate.
6) Take another 200ml of the agar-agar mixture and add in the purple color sago. Stir well and pour on top of the white layer and let it coagulate.
7) Continue the same process - 3rd layer will be white, 4th will be green, 5th will be white and the final layer will be red.
8) Chill in the fridge before cutting into small square

Custard pudding
400ml evaporated milk/ fresh milk
250g sugar
10g green jelly powder
11/2 tbsp custard powder mix with 3tbsp of water

Bring to boil water, milk and sugar..
Add custard mixture and mix it till well blended.
Add in jelly powder and let mixture boil and slightly thicken.
Pour into desire mould and add in sago pudding.
Refrigerate 2hrs and serve chill


Anonymous said...

Dear rima, i just discovered your blog and all your wonderful work-of-art baking recipes. love them all. imagine my kitchen always smelling with baked cookie, chocolate, coffee...since i dont own an oven, im trying to see which ones i can try first. akak x faham, custard pudding you pour on the sago pearl pudding ke u do this in a separate bowl altogether? rozaimi

Rima said...

Hi Rozaimi
Oh wow its been awhile since i've seen this post lol.. u went way back dear heheh.. anyway this custard pudding i create after i accidently terlupa nak letak coconut milk on my sago pearl pudding so instead of throwing it away i cut my sago pearl pudding and add it to my custard pudding so yes..

You hv to do sago pearl pudding first.. then u slice/cubed it and put it aside.. in the meantime u prepare custard pudding.. once masak u tuang kat acuan and then add in the cubed sago pearl pudding.. then u masuk fridge ah.. thats it.. err faham tak?? hehehe

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