Pâte Feuilletée

I remember during my primary school days.. i used to buy this kind of puff in our school canteen... its like a must for me to buy it every single day... of cos back then the puff wasnt that flaky but it was good enough for us... Nowadays u cant even buy this kind of puff in school.. there are too many rules on what can be sold in school canteen.. no oily/ fatty food allowed.. no process meat... no to the use of coconut milk etc etc etc... i know all this far too well cos i used to help mom in the school canteen... well i was her "chef" for more than 10yrs! up to today i still dont know if rules such as those can stop kids fm getting fat.. cos as far as i am concern... kids still go to fast food joint after school... ANYWAYS back to my puff... i baked this old timer curry puff today.. it doesnt take too long to prepare it as long as u hv ur potato curry ready...

I am not gonna edit any proper recipe cos really there is no proper recipe to this puff...

You need to grab a store bought puff pastry.. u can find it at the freezer section in ur local supermarket.

You need to cook potato curry in advance so as to let it cool.

Roll ur puff pastry and place a big spoonful of potato curry on one end.. fold it into two and press all sides with a fork... brush top with beaten egg.. bake it at 200 deg for 20 mins.


Edith said...

I chanced upon yr blog and couldn't stop reading! In fact last night I stay till past 1am and still couldn't finished,

I seriously admire yr energy level. Able to bake, cook, blog and CLEAN the house! Not forgetting looking after a toddler.

You inspired me so much that I started reading your 1apr post so that I can learn from you and hopefully yr positive vibes can rub off onto me.

Keep up the good job and God bless.

Rima said...

Hi Edith
Ah huh.. u took me back here.. this is where it all started.. pic was taken using a simple camera.. always do outdoor photography hehehe..

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