Palm Sugar Jelly

The weather has been pretty warm this last couple of days.. the only thing that i've bake eversince hb got home fm his business trip was pandan chiffon cake... definitely not his fav cos hes not a big fan of "light cake"... my son on the other hand loves any cake that is light... even with cheesecake... he prefers those sponge like cheesecake... i didnt get to take any pics cos i was too busy yesterday and by this morning half of the cake was gone... will definitely take pics the next time i bake chiffon cake... ANYWAYS... back to warm weather... this morning the first thing i cook was this jelly... its simple and it taste delicious... especially if u keep it overnight and eat it next morning.. recipe fm rozzan blog..


10/11g jelly powder
150g palm suger + 1tbsp castor sugar
870ml water
pandan leaves

10/11g jelly powder
150g sugar
870ml coconut milk (I used 400ml KARA+ 470ml water)
1tsp salt

8"x 8"x 3" square pan (i used diff kind of mould)

1) Cook A and B separately till it boil
2) Wet ur square pan.. pour 200ml of A and let it half set... once half set pour 200ml of B
3) Keep on pouring one layer after another till finish... remember to keep ur jelly mixture on slow fire all the time as to prevent jelly fm setting in ur pot... also remember to wait till jelly half or 3/4 set bef pouring another layer as to prevent any layer fm overlapping.

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