Cake Gula Hangus

In all honesty... i dont even know why i decided to bake this kinda cake... I hv never tasted this cake before and therefore hv no idea how it taste/texture like. I remember mom pointed it out to me once when we were in Malaysia... she said... this is a spongy cake... the cake looks like ant house... lots and lots of hole... if ur not lucky u will ended up baking a normal sponge cake with no holes.. i thought mom loves this cake so decided to try my luck and bake it for her...

I called mom to let her know i've baked her a "sarang semut cake" aka "gula hangus cake"... she told me that shes not into this cake cos its a little bitter and too spongy for her liking... WELP!! i dont really like the taste either... hb doesnt like it... i doubt my kiddoes will ever like it... soooo this will be the first and the last time i will ever bake this cake... will pass it to my aunt tmrw!

I will still post the ingredients tho cos i know there are ppl out there that's into this cake.. this recipe definately gives u the "hole" thingy plus the cake is soft and spongy...

1 cup sugar
1 cup hot water
1 cup all purpose flour
1 cup condense milk
2 tsp soda bicarbonate
4 eggs
2 tbsp butter

Sieve flour and soda bicarbonate
Cook sugar till it bubbles and turn into dark brown colour
Add in hot water ... BE CAREFUL NOT TO BURN URSELF!
Add butter and put it aside to cool
Using stand mixer or electric mixer beat eggs till it thicken and fluffy
Add in condense milk .. i use rubber spatula to mix it
Add sifted flour
Add sugar mixture
Let batter rest for 3-4 hrs before baking it at 160-180C for 60 mins

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Liz said...

salam selamat kenalan dan selamat berpuasa....emm nampak sedap Liz suka yang ini...follow liz yer

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