Batik Kenyalang Layer Cake

Honestly i am not a big fan of serawak kind of lapis cake... they tend to be too sweet and uses too much ingredients. The only thing that i love abt serawak lapis is on how u can challenge urself baking it... it has all the colours and different ways of doing it...this was the first serawak lapis that i hv done and the simplest to my opinion... i ended up giving 3/4 of the cake to mom cos its too sweet for my liking. Oh u can reduce the sugar if ur not a big fan of sweet cake.. no harm done... recipe fm rozzan blog.


500 gm golden churn butter
200 gm caster sugar
390 gm condense milk
150 gm Horlicks
200 gm fruit jam (i used apricot jam)
300 gm hong kong flour
10 large eggs
1tsp yellow colouring
1tsp green colouring
1tsp red colouring
1tsp orange colouring (i used brown)


1. Beat butter and sugar till white (abt 3 - 4 mins on high speed)
2. In another bowl beat eggs till it thickens (abt 4 mins on high speed)
3. Mix butter mixture to egg mixture and beat for another 2 mins
4. Add condensed milk, jam, Horlicks and flour. Beat on medium speed for another 2 mins
5. Take 12 scoops of batter and put it aside for 6 layers.. 3 layer top... 3 layers bottom. Each layer needs 2 scoops. Add yellow colouring to it. Divide the rest into green, red and orange colour.
6. On a greased 9x9 square tin u add 2 scoops of yellow batter and grill it for 4 mins or till the top browns.. do this till u get 3 layers.
7. Use 3 piping bags (or ketchup bottles) for the 3 different coloured batters. After 3 layers of yellow batter u pipe diagonally all the 3 colours that u hv added into the 3 bottles... green, red n orange. Grill it for 3 - 4 mins.
8. Once it has baked.. Pipe the second layer diagonally (in the opposite direction to step 7)... repeat the same way till all the batter in the 3 bottles are done.
9. Continue grilling the last 3 layers of yellow batter.
10. After grilling the last layer baked cake for another 10 mins on 180C.

Below is an example of how ur diagonal batter shud look like... this below pic courtesy of rozzan

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