Nutella Layer Cake

Remember a week ago i told ya that i had baked a cake and it was a disaster?? heheh well even tho it was a disaster, i managed to slice a few pcs and let hb and hairi taste.. they loved it so much that hb encouraged me to gv this cake a try again.. and oh boy, am i glad! the nutella taste was just right and not overpowering and i am sure its gonna be a hit among the kids during Eid

I didnt hv golden churn butter on hand today so had to use unsalted butter and added 1/2tsp of salt to my flour.. (i prefer golden churn butter for layer cake.. definately tastes much more richer somehow.. or was it just me?? hehhe) anyhow.. today i made sure my cake was baked/grilled properly.. i halfed the recipe and  used an 8" instead of 6" square pan cos by using a smaller pan.. layer turned brown too quickly.. (3rd pic was the disaster cake) recipe fm bro rozzan

500 gm butter (room temp)
180 gm sugar
1 tsp ovellette
10 eggs (grade A)
1 can (397g) condense milk
260 gm Hong Kong flour
100 gm horlicks
220 gm Nutella

180 – 200gm Nutella (topping)

1) Preheat oven 180C.. greased 10x7" pan (with baking paper).. sieve flour, horlicks and put it aside

2) Using stand mixer, beat butter, sugar and ovallete till thick and fluffy (10mins on high speed).

3) Add egg one at a time.. (1min each addition) and continue to beat for 8mins

4) Reduce speed and add in condense milk and mix till well combined

5) On low speed add in flour mixture and stop mixing once incorporated (abt 2mins)

6) Divide batter into 2 portion.. add nutella to one portion and leave the other one in its original colour (i used pink colouring hehe)

7) Bake each layer using grill method for 4mins.. starting with original colour and add nutella topping on each layer of nutella batter..

8) Bake last layer for 15mins on a preheated oven of 180C 

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